About Us

My name is Joseph Pepin and I'm the proud owner of Clear View Softwashing. The Clear View SoftWashing story began almost 16 years ago when I started the company as a window cleaning services company, operating only a single truck - a broken down Jeep Cherokee! It was only my business partner and me and we went around washing the windows of the storefronts of local businesses throughout Connecticut. My fondest memories of those days were the celebration dinners at Ruby Tuesdays after getting the business of new storefront chains and experiencing the freedom of making my own way in the world. Back then, as we do now, we pride ourselves on three principles of success: First we must be innovative, second, we must be environmentally conscious and third, we must be a good steward to our communities (I later build this into our logo).

Joseph Peppin

Since our humble beginnings, I have learned it takes so much more to be successful. It takes robust systems and a strong commitment to executing a plan that keeps our customers satisfied, earns their trust and keeps them referring us to friends, family and neighbors for years to come. It takes utilizing emerging technologies, a never-ending commitment to a learning mindset and above all, a dedicated staff of great people. This is how our journey found its way to SoftWash Systems.

When we joined the SoftWash Systems network of companies and received our certification, we joined a community of over 220 companies nationwide who collaborate almost daily for the betterment of the industry and our valued clients. I soon found myself discussing strategies with other SoftWash Systems owners in New Jersey, South Carolina and many other states across the country. That is what makes us so different -- when you work with a SoftWash systems certified company, you're truly working with a company that is committed to upholding the highest standards and is accountable to those standards.

We understand your desire to an have an affordable, expertly cleaned home and business exterior that makes your property stand out in the crowd, delights house guests and welcomes customers -- all with a hassle-free experience. That is why our goal is to serve our customers with a five-star experience at an affordable rate that they can trust each and every time. We have been in business for over 15 years and want to serve our customers for a lifetime!