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Is Roof Cleaning Safe?

Is Roof Cleaning Safe? We get this question a lot, and before I answer this let me just say this, r oof cleaning is safest when it is left to professionals. We do not recommend trying this yourself or taking this on as a DIY project. Our safe roof and exterior cleaning experts have been trained to ensure they remain safe on the job. In this blog, we’ll talk you through our safety standards at Clear View Softwashing, so you know what to expect when you work with us for your roof cleaning. I...

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Joseph Pepin 9/12/2021 Comments(0)

How Does Roof Cleaning Work?

How Does Roof Cleaning Work? Roof cleaning and inspections are part of regular roof maintenance. If you’re curious about the process, read on. This blog will detail how roof cleaning is done and why it’s so important to keep roof cleaning on your calendar each year. What to know about roof cleaning Roof washing is not a DIY job. It takes skill, and it should be outsourced to a professional. Roofs are best cleaned using the soft wash system. Dirt, moss, mold, stains, etc. are no...

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How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost? If you’re in the market for a roof cleaning, it’s not surprising that this is one of your first questions. Roof cleaning and replacement are an investment in your home and your health and safety. Below, we’ve outlined the average cost of a roof cleaning, which often depends on a variety of factors. What will it cost to clean your roof? On average, customers can expect to pay between $0.20 and $0.60 per square foot to soft wash a roof. For our c...

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What is That Growing on My Roof?

Have you looked at your roof lately? We all have seen the unsightly roofs with black steaks. One of the first thoughts people usually have is “That person needs a new roof!” Right? Did you know that those black streaks are caused by bacteria? This not only means it is possible to kill them, but you can enjoy that new roof without the high price tag. Your neighbors will wonder about it, and you will be smiling every time you look up at your roof! Maybe you are having this issue with y...

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what is soft washing

What Is Softwashing Greetings, I hope you are safe and staying healthy! With all the focus on protecting ourselves, we can easily forget about protecting the exterior of our homes. Have you noticed anything unsightly about your exterior surfaces? Most likely the only answer you know is calling someone with a pressure washer. Right? This “solution” always leaves you wondering about damages, and feeling guilty about wasting so much water! Do you enjoy helping protect the environment? T...

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