Is Roof Cleaning Safe?

Is Roof Cleaning Safe? We get this question a lot, and before I answer this let me just say this, r oof cleaning is safest when it is left to professionals. We do not recommend trying this yourself or taking this on as a DIY project. Our safe roof and exterior cleaning experts have been trained to ensure they remain safe on the job. In this blog, we’ll talk you through our safety standards at Clear View Softwashing, so you know what to expect when you work with us for your roof cleaning. I...

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How Does Roof Cleaning Work?

How Does Roof Cleaning Work? Roof cleaning and inspections are part of regular roof maintenance. If you’re curious about the process, read on. This blog will detail how roof cleaning is done and why it’s so important to keep roof cleaning on your calendar each year. What to know about roof cleaning Roof washing is not a DIY job. It takes skill, and it should be outsourced to a professional. Roofs are best cleaned using the soft wash system. Dirt, moss, mold, stains, etc. are no...

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How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost? If you’re in the market for a roof cleaning, it’s not surprising that this is one of your first questions. Roof cleaning and replacement are an investment in your home and your health and safety. Below, we’ve outlined the average cost of a roof cleaning, which often depends on a variety of factors. What will it cost to clean your roof? On average, customers can expect to pay between $0.20 and $0.60 per square foot to soft wash a roof. For our c...

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What can we Clean with Softwashing?

How can softwashing be used to help cleanup your home or business? Here are 5 things we can clean today to improve your home or businesses health , safety and cleanliness? 1. House Washing Thoroughly clean, disinfect and sanitize your homes surfaces from mold, algae, fungus, and mildew. We increase a homes value while also increasing its curb appeal. We do all this without harming the environment. 2. Roof Cleaning Bacteria and mildew build up on roofs, leaving unsightly black spots and streaks. ...

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Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

No one wants to have a shabby looking home, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when your roof needs cleaning. In fact, roofs become dirty over time, and unless you invest in yearly cleanings, it can be hard to remember what a “new” roof looks like. Many people go years between roof cleanings and not think anything of it. They don’t think anything of it. After all, is roof cleaning even necessary? Unfortunately, a dirty roof will not only ruin your home’s curb appeal, b...

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Can Poor Roof Quality Impact Your Health?

When people list their baseline needs, they often say, “Food, water, and shelter.” Shelter – a “roof over your head” – is incredibly necessary, but more often than not, people don’t prioritize it. They know that it’s there, but they don’t think of it as something that directly impacts their health like the food that they eat or the water that they drink. Did you know that the roof over your head can have a real impact on your health and the h...

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How Can You Preserve Your Roof?

At between $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot, the average roof replacement costs between $5,000 and $10,000 according to HomeAdvisor. If you just got your roof replaced, chances are you’re looking to avoid repeating this process anytime soon. The solution? Learn the steps to roof preservation, so it lasts for decades! Here’s what you should know. Check your sealants and coatings Your new roof has fresh sealants and coatings to stand up against the elements. However, both of these fad...

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