Celebrating Pi Day Around the World 

Monday, March 13, 2023

Celebrating Pi Day Around the World 


March 14th is a very serious day at Clear View Corporate. It is a day we focus on all things math. It's called Pi Day because the numerical date of 3/14 matches the first three numbers in pi (3.14). But how do people around the world celebrate their love for this mathematical constant? Let's take a look at some unique ways that people are celebrating Pi Day. 


The USA and Canada 

The US and Canada, two countries with a shared love of math and science, both have special celebrations that take place on this special day. In the US, many cities host events such as pie-eating contests or even parades, while in Canada schools across the country hold pie-baking contests. There are also plenty of discounts on food items such as pizza or pies available from certain restaurants and bakeries on this day. 



In Japan, Pi Day is marked by an annual event called “Pi no Hi” (literally meaning "Pie Day"). On this day, students compete against each other to see who can correctly recite pi to the most decimal places — a feat that requires memorizing hundreds of digits! The winner receives a special prize from their school and bragging rights for being able to remember pi so accurately. 


Australia                                                                 Australia turns Pi Day into a full weekend celebration with events taking place all over the country. Schools organize activities such as games, quizzes, and even competitions involving reciting pi from memory! Some cafes even offer discounts on pies in honor of this special occasion. 


No matter where you live in the world, there's something fun going on for Pi Day every year! Whether it's an official event like Pie no Hi in Japan or an informal gathering with friends at home, everyone can find something fun to do while celebrating our favorite mathematical constant - 3.14! So grab your calculator and get ready to celebrate one of the most important numbers in mathematics - pi! Happy Pi Day everyone!

Joseph Pepin 3/13/2023

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