What's the cost of roof cleaning?

Monday, July 11, 2022

The cost of roof cleaning depends on a few variables—the size of the area, access to roofs, and the different stains and organic growth present. In addition, the price for supplies and the type of detergent being used are factors as well. In general, however, most roof cleaners charge around $25-30 a roofing square or about $.30 per square foot. A roofer's square, also known as a rood, measures 10'X10', which equals 100 square feet. Roofing squares are how cleaners charge customers to clean their roofs, but that is just the beginning. Here are some other factors:

Gutter Systems:

Most roof cleaners have adopted a spray and leave approach so that the cleaning agents can thoroughly penetrate and sanitize the surface over a couple of days. A house with no gutter systems will need to be rinsed. Cleaning companies rinse your roof afterward, in this case, to make sure all the cleaning agents have been diluted and decontaminated properly to protect landscaping and plant life. Do your downspouts go into the ground or spill onto your lawn or driveway? These are also factors.

Roofing Materials: 

What is your roof made of? Asphalt roofs are the easiest to clean. However, if you have a cedar roof, the cost will, in most cases, reflect the extra time it takes for a professional to clean and condition the surface properly. Cleaning cedar, and any wood or natural surfaces, is a two-step process, cleaning and protecting. Cedar roof cleaning takes almost twice a long as asphalt.

 Roof Access:

Is your roof accessible from the ground?'s If it is, great! This will keep the cost down. How accessible your roof plays a factor in the price. If your roof is walkable (with the correct OSHA-specified safety equipment), that can save a cleaner a lot of time. Saved time can translate into a more affordable price. Most roofs are cleaned from a ladder, which takes a little more time than a walkable roof, and the price usually reflects this.

Legal and Professionalism:

This is probably the most important. Proper insurances and training cost money. Adequate training programs can cost a company thousands; those costs are sometimes translated into the cost of the job. So please make sure that the company you use has qualified, trained professionals who carry the proper insurance to protect you and them. This is one cost that should not be negotiated. And, of course, be careful of the contractor who gives you a lower price because they may not have training or insurance.


In contrast to how much it costs to clean roofs is often more expensive not to wash your rooftop. Roofs covered in mold can cost owners twice as much in water damage repairs because the decay has weakened the shingles and allowed moisture into the home. If a roof is not adequately cared for, then the entire roofing system can fail and cause water damage to a house, and dirty roofs can lead to higher energy costs. 


Joseph Pepin 7/11/2022

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